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Important Announcement


Per Pasco County Administrator Dan Biles’ executive order signed into effect April. 5, 2021, “face coverings are no longer required in Pasco County due to lower COVID-19 hospital rates and climbing vaccine rates.” As a result of this, TCO will follow suit and no longer require the use of masks while on our campus or participating in any church-sponsored activities ef...

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FAQ: La Iglesia de Odessa (LIDO)


On April 11th, Pastor Ray will begin meeting with what will be called the “Church Plant Group,” or CPG for short. This group will worship with TCO at 9:15am and then meet in the third modular during the 11:00am hour to plan the launch of LIDO....

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Rising Above the Noise


In light of everything going on right now in our culture, in our nation, we as believers have a wonderful opportunity to display Christ and our hope in a real way. Unity of the gospel and the church in a real way....

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Enjoying the Gospel


The gospel wasn’t meant to simply be admired or acknowledged. It was meant to be submitted to and to be enjoyed....

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God's Gracious Choice


Look with me at Colossians 3:12 today. I want to park here for a bit and let this wonderful truth sink in. I realize this can be a divisive truth, can confront us in many ways, but it is a wonderful truth that cannot be ignored. The truth that God chose to make a way for us to be saved, that we are His by His choosing....

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The Gospel's Affect On Our Language


What we see here is the reality that as Christians, we are commanded to contemplate our language in a new way in light of who we and others are in Christ thru the gospel....

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What is The Wrath of God?


Look with me at Colossians 3:6. Believers are to be separated from sexual immorality because those whose lives are characterized in this way will face God’s wrath if they persist in sin and do not repent. There is that ugly word again ...

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Help in The Fight Against Sin


Everything we see here is grounded in who believers are in Christ. That is what the “therefore” is there for. Our new identity in Christ is the BASIS for our separation from all sin. They are of this world, they are things we have died to. They are associated with our old nature. And are therefore to be aggressively put away from any association with our lives....

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Everything We Need


In Christ we have everything we need....

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Preoccupied with Christ


It is so easy for all of us to let our minds become fixed on things other than who we are in Christ ...

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