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The Highest Privilege


Building on our question from the other day and how we can describe Christianity as the privilege of calling God our Father, today we look at the fact of our adoption thru faith....

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Our Ultimate Devotion


Today is the day once a year that we as a country set aside every year to be intentional about being reminded, saying thank you, and honoring those who have fallen in our military as they fought for the rights and freedoms we hold today. It is a wonderful way of not forgetting those who have gone before and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we experience today....

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Four Blessings of Sonship


The fact that believers thru faith in the gospel relate to God as father implies four things, all informing and guiding our fellowship with God as our father....

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Fellowship With Our Father


As we continue to look at the fact and privilege of believers calling and relating to God as our Father, this new relationship that the gospel has brought us into, consider this beautiful truth this morning that comes with this....

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Christianity in One Phrase


What does it mean to be a Christian now that we have been reconciled to God thru faith in Christ? Do we just pray a prayer and move on with our lives? ...

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The Gospel in One Word: Part 8


As we continue to look at the absolute essential nature of propitiation when we share the gospel, today we will look at another aspect of this wonderful truth, that being God's love....

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The Gospel in One Word: Part 7


As we continue to discuss propitiation and its essential nature within our understanding and communication of the gospel, I want to look this morning at what this accomplishes for us and our relationship with God that only propitiation can accomplish....

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The Gospel in One Word - Part 6


As we continue to look deep into the gospel and specifically the truth of propitiation, we have seen the beautiful truth that our Creator has become our Redeemer. The truth that God has made the satisfactory offering through the death of Jesus that was necessary and required to appease His wrath due sinners. We didn't appease God's wrath through our efforts. God did this H...

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The Gospel in One Word - Part 5


Think on this today as we we ponder propitiation and the fact that our Creator has become our Redeemer. As we see the indispensable reality of propitiation. This is why Jesus came. This is why He humbled Himself and took on flesh - ultimately to die in the place of sinners. We see this throughout the life of Jesus....

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The Gospel in One Word - Part 4


The gospel is an announcement, among other things, declaring that our Creator God has sent Jesus Christ who was Himself fully God, to humbly become a man, to ultimately die in our place so that God can rightly offer sinners forgiveness and salvation from God's justified wrath due our sin and eternal judgement....

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Waiting Well - Part 3


Today, I want us to look at some of the benefits of learning to wait well on the Lord. Why should we wait on the Lord? What does God do in and thru us while we wait?...

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The Gospel in One Word - Part 3


As we have been piecing together a right view of salvation and the gospel, and how it is more than just acting as if we never sinned, but actually dealing rightly with God's anger and the necessary and required punishment of death due our sin, showing that God's righteousness is at stake in how He deals with our sin, we continue today by looking the specifics of how propit...

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