In addition to Pastor Chris, Pastor Jeff, and Pastor Dylan, the following men lead The Church at Odessa by serving as Elders.

Chris Adams

- Born in Atlanta, GA.
- Married to Christy since 2004; four children
- Currently serve as Olympians Director for K-5th grade, assist in small group ministries
"I love that our church takes the Word of God seriously, teaching it at every opportunity as well as  teaching us how to study it on our own. I also love the feeling of family we have on campus, and in each other's lives."


John Cordova

John Cordova 338x338

- Born in Tampa, FL

- Married to Alisha since 2002 with 4 beautiful daughters: Mia, Olivia, Giana, and Khloe

- Ministries and Service: Spends Sunday mornings teaching 4th and 5th grade Grow Groups. Leads student ministry small groups on Wednesday nights. 

"I love that the gospel, both its proclamation and the emphasis on its role in a believer’s daily life, is the focus of everything, but love, mercy, and grace are displayed despite an unwillingness to compromise that gospel.  I love the generosity of the people at TCO and the feeling of community."


Duane Milford

Duane Milford 338x338

- Born in Lexington, KY

- Married to Pam since 1983 with two sons, one daughter, and four grandsons

- Ministries and Service: Adult Grow Group Leader, Men's Bible Study Leader, Olympians worker, Missions Committee member

"What I love about TCO are the young families, giving hearts, and our commitment to the truth of God's word."  


Adrian Meyer

- Born in Bülach, Switzerland

- Married to Paula since 2004 with three children: Andre, Monique, and Isabella (who is in the presence of Jesus Christ)

- Ministries and Service: Supports La Iglesia de Odessa (LIDO) and teaches an adult Grow Group in Spanish

"It’s a privilege and honor to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through TCO, a church that has a heart for Hispanic communities and are reaching families through LIDO (La Iglesia de Odessa), preaching the GOSPEL, and teaching sound doctrine every day until we all reach unity in the faith and in knowledge of the fullness of Christ." 


Jordan Raynor

- Born in Tampa, FL

- Married to Kara since 2009 with 3 daughters: Ellison, Kate, and Emery

- Ministries and Service: Spends Sunday mornings teaching 5th graders. Volunteers at the Food Pantry each month.
"From our care for orphans and widows to our financial generosity, it's clear that TCO is a body who follows Jesus seriously."


Ray Sanabria

Ray Sanabria 338x338

- Ministries and Service: Pastor of La Iglesia de Odessa


Bryan Sarabia

Bryan Sarabia 338x338

- From Pasco County, Florida
- Married to Angela since 2006 with one son and two daughters. 
- Ministries and Service: Co-leads an adult Grow Group with Thom Pirone.
"I'm blessed to be surrounded by the men and women of TCO, who are committed to following Jesus Christ and to the absolute truth and authority of the Word of God, as we worship, fellowship, and make disciples while together growing in our love and understanding of the one true and living God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit." 


Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart 338x338

- From Conway, AR 

- Married to Kelli Stuart for over 20 years with five children: Sloan, Tia, Landon, Annika, and Sawyer

- Ministries and Service: Teaches adult Grow Groups as needed.

"TCO is a loving family that faithfully encourages one another, supports one another, and spurs one another on to love and good deeds. TCO is a place that carefully handles the Word of God and faithfully teaches truth, promotes sacrificial love, and actively supports the community around us."


Chris Thayer

- Married to Sarah since 2010 with 4 children: Taryn, Kamden, Kieran, and Makayla

- Ministries and Service: Co-teaching Young Professionals Class

"I love being a part of the family atmosphere we have at TCO. The church is committed to the truth of God's Word and the practicality of living it out in fellowship with one another. It is a joy to see the hand of God at work in the lives of our congregation in a variety of ways."