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Modern Idolatry


When you think of the word "idolatry" what comes to mind? ...

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Consumed with Knowing God


Our number one objective each and every day is to know God more and more. ...

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Psalm 15 Devotional

bible glasses

So whether life is going on as normal, or we are limited to interactions with none or a few; or whether it’s Sunday or any other day; our walk, work and speech should be with integrity and should flow from what is really in your heart....

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Really Knowing God


We have been encouraging each other to know God rightly, more than merely knowing about God, but knowing God in a real, experienced way. Intimately....

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The Balconeer Christian


How would you describe someone who truly "KNOWS" God? ...

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God has Always Provided in Miraculous Ways - Part 3

harvest 3

Not only does God impress this upon the widow but Elijah’s faith is growing during this as well. He knows that the power of God did this, not him. He has seen God provide in miraculous ways over and over....

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Who Needs Theology?


Who needs theology?...

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God has Always Provided in Miraculous Ways - Part 2


How has God shown you through this time that you can survive with much less than you thought and trust Him to provide the rest?...

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God has Always Provided in Miraculous Ways - Part 1


God is following through on his Word. Like God has done with the ark, Joseph rescuing his brothers, Jonah in the mouth of a fish for three days, God will continue to send unlikely heroes and use unlikely plans! His ways are not our ways....

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Habakkuk 3:17-19 Devotional

habakkuk quicklink

The key to understanding the message of Habakkuk is to understand the process by which God changed the prophet’s attitudes and actions: God made it clear that as God’s people, WE LIVE BY FAITH NOT ANSWERS....

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