Really Knowing God

We have been encouraging each other to know God rightly, more than merely knowing about God, but knowing God in a real, experienced way. Intimately. To be travelers and not merely balconeers.
The Bible paints a clear picture of the effects on a person who KNOWS God, and offers us many examples. One in particular is Daniel. Thru Daniel's life, we learn some very key evidences and effects on someone who truly knows God. Let's look at them together, and hopefully we see these in our own life as well.
1. Those who know God have great ENERGY for God. See Daniel 11:32. It says "the people who know their God will display strength and take action." This is in reaction to an anti-God world in which the believer lives. They are compelled to take action. In 2 Cor. 5:14 Paul says "the love of Christ compels us." We also see this in David as he was motivated to take on Goliath to defend the name of the Lord and His people. Both Daniel and David were compelled to not sit still, but to take action, all flowing from knowing their God. We see this also in Dan. 1:8-16 and 6:10, where Daniel stood out and stood firm. May we be a people who have great energy for God and the things of God as we pursue truly knowing God.
2. Those who know God have great THOUGHTS for God. The book of Daniel for one, paints an excellent picture of the sovereignty of God. No matter what was faced, they trusted in a sovereign God. See Dan. 4:25-6. This truth was the foundation for everything else in the book really. See also Dan. 2:20-229:47914. May we at TCO see God this way, exalted, above all, majestic, morally perfect, always faithful. May we think thoughts of God that are truly worthy of His awesomeness.
3. Those who know God show great BOLDNESS for God. Daniel and his friends were willing to stick their necks out for their God. See Dan. 3 for one picture. Knowing God creates that posture we see in Acts 5:29, where apostles said in the face of much trouble, "we must obey God and not men." Men who know God refuse to bow to any other no matter the consequences. May this be us at TCO.
4. Those who know God have great CONTENTMENT in God. Is. 26:3 says "he is at perfect peace whose mind is stayed on God." There is no peace like the peace of a mind that is fully assured by the promises of God. See Rom. 5:1. See Phil. 4:4-9. Romans 8 is full of this picture as well. This is also at the root of what we see in Daniel and his friends in Dan. 3. They are good "even if" God does not deliver them form the fiery furnace. See Dan. 3:15-18 in particular. May people see this contentment in knowing God even now in us, as we walk thru COVID-19. May people be drawn to God even as Nebuchadnezzar was.
May we grow in our contentment in God during this time as we use this time of idleness to grow in our knowledge of God. Make the most of this time. Knowing God is the most worthy endeavor we will ever pursue in our life.
God has revealed Himself. He has invited us in thru faith in Christ. May we truly know Him. If we seek Him, we will find Him. That is a promise. And God is worth seeking. John 17:3 - "this is eternal life, that we may KNOW the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent."