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The Believer's Identity

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Look with me this morning at 1 Peter 2:9-12. What Peter offers us here is a beautiful picture of the identity of every believer, but also the purpose of our being saved. And in particular and of worth noting here, Peter offers this to believers who were suffering. We don't get to shrink back at our calling and purpose even when times are rough. It is during these times tha...

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Setting Your Mind on Things Above


Set your minds on the things above and not on the things below. WHY? This is where our citizenship dwells, our Savior dwells, and one day where we will dwell. This keeps us focused. Makes what we do here make sense as it is easy to lose sight of long range goals or destinations. This is where we are headed, what we are all about....

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Important Announcement - 7/2/2020


Starting this Sunday, July 5, 2020, we are opening the Children/Student Building to be used as a “MASK ONLY” area....

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Blessed are the Meek


The meek person is not unaware of his own inferiority. He knows his weaknesses and strengths. They have accepted what God says about them and declares over them. In themselves they are nothing, yet in God they are everything, cherished even above the angels....

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Proof of Living to God's Glory


God alone has the rightful claim to the throne of our lives. When we dethrone Him, everything about our lives becomes chaotic and a mess. Look around at the world and see this. Nothing will restore order until our hearts decide to exalt God above all else in everything we do....

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The Reason We Exist


One of the tragic yet often unrecognized ramifications or effects of sin is that we now elevate ourselves over God....

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Indoor Worship Announcement


The Church at Odessa will be worshipping corporately inside the building starting Sunday June 28, 2020....

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God Has Spoken


It is the very nature of God to speak, to communicate Himself and His thoughts to His creation. And better yet, consider this, that God is still speaking. It is not simply amazing enough that God spoke, but amazing more is that God still speaks today thru His Word and thru His creation. In this His Word is ALIVE. It's truths persist throughout the years....

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Being Near to God


Psalm 139:7 says "where can I go from your Spirit, where can I flee from your presence?" What we see here in this text along with many other texts is the reality of divine imminence. The truth that God is here. Wherever you are, God is near. The reality that no person is nearer or farther from God than another person....

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Our Perspective on Control vs. God’s Perspective


So we’ve seen that wealth is not what we thought it was and now we see time itself is not what we think it is. What’s next? Well, it’s another big one. Control is not what we think it is. We have the delusion that we are in control of our lives....

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