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Enjoying God


Thru faith in the gospel, we who were far off have been brought near. To enjoy communion with God....

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Our Perspective on Time vs. God’s Perspective


We’ve all heard the expression, “Time flies when you are having fun.” This old axiom speaks to our subjective view of time. Our awareness of time and temporal properties is a constant feature of conscious life. Our subjective view of time impacts many areas of our lives including our thinking, our memories, and our anticipated view of the future....

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Weeds in Our Spiritual Garden


We think we can just grow in Christ and never deal with the enemies of sin in and around us. That in Christ we just add another trophy to our already full case, even if we put Christ in the middle and up front, when in reality coming to Christ means we throw away all the other trophies where only Christ remains. Like our garden, if we leave the old self there, it will infe...

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Following Hard After God


Read Psalm 63:8 this morning and ask yourself some questions: Can it be said of me that I am following hard after God? What does it look like to follow hard after God?...

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Our Perspective on Possessions vs. God’s Perspective


In many ways, the Christian discipleship journey is much like this. Our pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven is one that begins with our rescue from a place of deep deception. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to reality. Then we are called to utilize our newfound clarity to help to rescue others who are still enslaved to the lies of the world around them....

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Announcement - Returning to Worship Indoors


The TCO Elders are happy to announce that corporate worship in the building will resume Sunday June 28, 2020 at 9:15am....

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Adoption and the Greatness of God's Love


What do we learn about God as we contemplate adoption and the fact of our adoption into God's family thru faith in the all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ? That's what I want us to contemplate today and over the next few days....

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Our Only Identity


In faith, we must allow our identity in Christ and who the Bible says we are to inform our thinking and our living, not merely more than anything else, but solely. ...

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Joining the Divine Family

family sunset

As we continue to dig into the truth of our adoption as believers thru faith, that maybe more than anything else, Christianity is summed up in the privilege of calling God our Father, we look today at the reality that our adoption and the change in status and relationship to the Father stands as the basis for our entire life....

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The Highest Privilege


Building on our question from the other day and how we can describe Christianity as the privilege of calling God our Father, today we look at the fact of our adoption thru faith....

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