Romans 9:25-33

1. What do verses 25-26 teach us about the gospel and ourselves before salvation?

2. What do verses 27-28 teach us about Israel and their being a part of God’s true people thru faith in Christ?

3. What does v. 29 teach us about the grace of God and its effects on our lives and what we could or would be apart from it?

4. Look at verses 30-32. How can Gentiles not pursue righteousness and attain it, whereas Israel pursued righteousness and did not attain it? What is Paul teaching here regarding how we are “declared” righteous and thus saved?

5. How did Israel “stumble” over Christ?

6. How do people today “stumble” over Christ?

7. In what ways today might we even as believers lean towards works as our means of righteousness rather than totally trust in faith, and in doing so miss Christ?

8. Read 1 Cor. 1:18-31. How do these verses shed light on what we see in Romans 9:25-33?