Unified Even in Suffering

March 29, 2020 Series: Joy Through It All

Topic: Philippians Verse: Philippians 1:21–30

Philippians 1:21-30

Unified even in suffering

  We must be _____________________ in the truthfulness and promises and character of God if we are to live boldly no matter the circumstances (vv. 21-26).

 Satan wants what is _____________ to dictate our lives more than the promises of God.

 Because of Paul’s certainty and surety in the unseen ___________________ of God, Paul had hope no matter his circumstances.

 Paul had an unshakable confidence in the living God and the _______________ of the gospel no matter his circumstances.

 This confidence in God and the gospel created in Paul a __________________ no matter the circumstance.

 This lifestyle, this gospel and others-centered conduct is the only way to live worthy of the gospel. The result of this forms/shows the two themes that underpin this whole section:

  1. Steadfastness in _____________
  2. Unwavering unity even in the face of __________________

 No matter what believers face, they must seek to conduct themselves in a manner _________________ of the gospel (vv. 27-30).

 Paul is teaching believers that they are to live as _________________, not primarily of Rome for Paul and the Philippians, not primarily of and the surrounding areas for us today, but of heaven.

 Everything we do matters __________________ as heavenly citizens.

 What this teaches us is that the gospel has an _______________ impact on our lives at all times.

 The gospel takes many and makes them one _____________ with God as their Father.

 Even though distant, we stand _____________________ as we strive for the gospel and glory of God thru how we live even now.

 Everything, from belief to suffering, is God’s ________________ and unifies.

 COVID-19 is one more reminder we live in a fallen world, that this is not our ___________.

We need to radically fight this ________________ to self-focus as believers when we suffer and instead focus on making Christ central in everything, even now.

 Though Paul was in a prison in Rome, in the truest sense he was a ___________________ of Christ and the gospel and thus he viewed everything in life thru this lens.

How might our lives be different if we ____________ believed what we say we truly believe?

What might our lives impact and how might they look differently if we __________________ on one purpose, and that being Christ?

 So, as we close, as yourself this question:

“For ME, to live is ______________, and to die is _________________.”

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