What Are You Know For?

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Think about this on this beautiful morning: What are you known for? What are we as a church body known for? If Paul were writing a letter to a church today, what would he say about us as a body? Or you individually? What would other churches want to emulate about us?

Look at Colossians 1:3-6 this morning. Look at what Paul holds up and applauds and recognizes about the believers, the saints, the faithful brethren at Colossae:

  • Paul was thankful for them. Grateful. And this showed and showed up in him praying for them. See v. 3. For probably many reasons, Paul was thankful for them and their being a part of the body of Christ.
  • They were known for their faith. Look at v. 4. Their faith was known by others. Word got around that these believers were full of faith. They trusted the Lord beyond initial trust for salvation, but in their every day lives and what they faced.
  • They were known for their love for one another. See v. 4 as well. Self-sacrificing love for one another. The love of God for them thru the gospel showed up in how they loved one another. This showed up when these believers were thought of by others.
  • They were known as being people of great hope. See v. 5. Hope in what was not yet seen. Hope in heaven that guided their everyday lives. Source of their faith and love as we just saw. Sourced in hope.

This is a beautiful picture for us even today. Faith is sourced today in something in the past that effects our today and tomorrow. Love works this out in the present. Hope grounds all of this in what awaits in the future.

Theology matters. Knowing the Word matters. Being confident in God’s promises matter. Christianity is more than praying a prayer and that prayer having no effect on our everyday lives. Everything about our lives is rooted and sourced in what we believe about Christ thru the gospel. Always.

This is the dynamic and awesome power of the gospel, to change lives, produce the fruit of the Spirit, spread to the whole known world at the time. And the Colossian believers were known for this. What a testimony and witness, reputation.

Again, what are you known for? What are we as a body known for? Is it gospel-centered or world-centered? One day our lives here will cease – what will we be known for? Our days are numbered – don’t waste them on the things of this world and self. Make the most of every day to the glory of God and the good of others, and let this be what you and us as a body are known for.

May our faith in the gospel work itself out in love for one another, all rooted in our hope that is certain.