TCO Updated Reopen Announcement


TCO Members and Visiting Families, It is with great joy that we write this update!

As new data has become available and with collective wisdom and prayer, the TCO Elders are thrilled to announce that we will be resuming on-campus worship Sunday May 17, 2020.

Further updates on logistics will be sent as we get closer to May 17. The TCO Elders will be holding a live Q&A Wednesday May 6, 2020 in place of that which has been taking place with Pastor Chris and Thom Pirone from 7-8pm on Facebook.

Florida Governor DeSantis held a press conference this week outlining his plans to reopen Florida. The plan overall is good and he expressed his desire to move through the various stages outlined by President Trump quickly. His plan also is very generous for churches to meet as desired and has left details up to the best judgment of individual churches. That said, the TCO Elders will be maintaining previously outlined processes to ensure the safety and mental well-being for Members and Visiting Families.

Starting Sunday May 17, 2020 and continuing to Sunday June 7, TCO will be meeting outdoors under a tent on the church grounds for worship.


Meeting outdoors under the tent has three benefits:

  1. While the quarantine and gathering limits have been lifted for churches, there is still a real chance of contagion for many
    1. The outdoor tent allows for higher attendance, sooner, while still allowing a measure of distancing
    2. Those who might otherwise be vulnerable have opportunity to attend worship with a greater sense of comfort
  2. Help those Members and Visiting Families that might still have concerns about contagion to have opportunity to participate without being in a closed building
    1. The TCO facilities have been maintained and deep cleaned during the quarantine
    2. Having people moving throughout the building for various functions makes maintaining sanitization more difficult
  3. The additional time outside the building creates even more distance between possible contagion, allowing for easier transition into regular attendance inside the building
    1. Our hope is that meeting inside the building will come soon and will be even safer the farther away we get from the initial outset of the spread of the virus
  • Parking will be in the rear of the building and attendants will guide you
  • The tent will be set up over the basketball court.
  • The restroom facilities in the children’s building will be open and available for use.
  • Families will sit together and are encouraged to bring their own camp-style chairs (accommodations will be made for those that cannot).
  • The service will be shortened for the four weeks under the tent to allow for attendance, distancing, and general comfort since we will be outdoors.

As previously stressed, grace and great measures of patience will be needed with each other on many levels, setting aside personal comfort and opinions so that your brothers and sisters in Christ might have peace of mind during on-campus activities and as we move toward the other side of this providence. We are working toward worship of our great God and we should be considerate of the needs and concerns of those in our body as we make his glory our top priority.

Peace be with you,

The TCO Elders