Romans 9:19-23

Q. Looking at verse 19, why would Paul anticipate this question about God finding fault? How is this connected to what we just looked at in verses 14-18?

Q. What “fault” would Paul be referring to in verse 19?

Q. In verse 20, what answer and why does Paul give for God being “faultless” in holding us accountable for our sin in the midst of everything we have learned about God?

Q. What is Paul teaching us about ourselves and God in verse 21? Significance of this for our lives?

Q. What is verse 22 teaching us about ourselves and God? What is the proper response to the “what if” Paul mentions here?

Q. What does verse 23 teach us again as the end goal of all that God does?

Q. From this section of Romans 9, and in light of everything else we have learned in Romans 9 and beyond, what is this teaching us about God and ourselves, and our right response to the gospel and the world around us?