God Has Spoken


Contemplate this truth today: God has spoken.

It is the very nature of God to speak, to communicate Himself and His thoughts to His creation. And better yet, consider this, that God is still speaking. It is not simply amazing enough that God spoke, but amazing more is that God still speaks today thru His Word and thru His creation. In this His Word is ALIVE. It's truths persist throughout the years.

Read John 1:1 this morning and ponder its truths. Jesus is described as "Word". What is a word? A word is something that communicates that which is invisible, such as a thought. Words bring life and clarity to that which is not seen. They communicate. God communicated and revealed Himself in the Person of Christ.

But this has always been the nature of God. Go to Genesis 1 and we see God speaking everything into existence. God spoke to nothingness and it became something good. Chaos became order. God's word is thus seen to be powerful and effective.

We see this in the prophets, in the Law, in everything we see God speaking. And ultimately this revelation and communication is contained in the Bible, culminating in the Person of Jesus Christ, for Jesus revealed God in a way none other had before. Again see John 1 and Hebrews 1. The fact that we have this wonderful revelation of God mandates that God spoke and revealed Himself, for otherwise we would not know God as deeply as we can and do.

The question becomes this: what is or has been our response to the revelation and communication of God? How have you or do you respond to God's Word?

Tozer puts everyone into two categories and asks each person to assess their response to God's revelation, and the categories are this: is your response to God's Word more like that of a scientist or a worshipper? Are you more likely to question and seek explanations, or are you more likely to adore as you take in and consider God's communication and revelation of Himself? Especially when it runs counter to everything this world we live in teaches us, or it confounds our earthly wisdom. Question or adore? Speak or listen?

If we are honest, listening is not a quality or characteristic we take well to today. This is not a quality trait we tend to herald and exalt in people or seek to develop. Even in our churches and time with God. We love noise, activity, seek to exalt ourselves in all we do, Our worth is in large part found in our activity.

And yet to this the Word says in Psalm 46:10 that we are to "be still and know He is God." In our wisdom we find strength and safety and value in doing, and yet the Word says that wisdom is often found in silence. Being still and waiting on God. Alone, with the Word opened, contemplating the simple fact that there is but One True God and we are not Him. That His ways are not our ways, for they are higher than ours, and thankfully so. And responding in worship rather than critique.

That we serve a God and are served by a God and can seek to know and be loved and be sheltered by a God who is so beyond compare and comprehension that Paul would declare in Romans 11:33-36, "Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has become His counselor? Or who has first given to Him that it might be paid back to him again? For form Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen."

Is that your response to the otherness of God?

The Bible will never be to us all that it truly is until we grasp this. That God has communicated truth to us, Himself to us, and it is ultimately good for us whether we see that now or not, for His ways are beyond us. And rather than seeking answers or explanations, though we are to be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures and know what they say, we worship even when we cannot understand knowing ultimately there will often be times where we must simply walk away from the Word as a worshipper, adoring God, rather than questioning Him. Amazed and in wonder that He has communicated and spoken to us, namely Himself and His salvation and adoption thru Christ, and that is enough especially when we don't understand.       

God still speaks thru His Word. God is the same today as He has ever been. Read the Word this way. Romans 15:4 speaks to this when it says "whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope." We see God then and know He is the same today. And are strengthened and encouraged by this.

God still speaks today. Come to the Bible every day with the understanding that God not only spoke, but still speaks thru His Word. The Bible is more than a book in which God once spoke, but is a book where God is still speaking.

May we be a people who come to the Word daily expecting  God to speak to us. For truly it is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path as Psalm 119:105 declares. That the Word is God-breathed and is wisdom that fully equips and informs believers not only to salvation but every good work as 2 Timothy 3:15-17 declares.

Open the Word and let God speak to you today. And walk away adoring rather than questioning.