Food for When Life Falls Apart


What do we do when life falls apart, or when everything is going wrongly, or so it seems? This is the context of David writing Psalm 3 and 4. Many consider Psalm 3 to be a morning Psalm and Psalm 4 to be an evening Psalm. Food for all day.

These Psalms were written during David’s most traumatic, humiliating experience in his entire life. Everything that he had spent his life working for had suddenly unraveled. Many whom he had thought were allies and friends had abandoned him and sided with his rebellious son. And the most painful wound of all was the betrayal of his son Absalom. It brought home to David his own failure personally and as a father.

What do you do when life falls apart? For most of us today, life unexpectantly and quickly changed. We are learning a new normal on so many fronts, from schooling, to work, to church gatherings. What do we do in these times? What does what we do and how we respond teach us about ourselves?

What we learn from these two Psalms and thru the life of David is that when life seemingly falls apart, God remains our refuge and strength, remains steady and consistent, and we can experience His peace thru prayer even in the roughest times of our lives.

Look at Ps. 3:3. Look at Ps. 3:5. Look at Ps. 3:8. In the midst of chaos, David could sleep, a picture of peace, He trusted that God was still for Him, looking after Him. The result was peace. Mediate on this today and thru faith believe this is true, hope in this.

Look at Psalm 4. Know that you belong to God and nothing has changed or compromised this. This Psalm teaches us that God hears our prayers even now in distress, that we can still trust God. Look at Psalm 4:8, again seeing the picture of sleep which represents peace and security.

Even now, as He was for David, the Lord remains our shield, our glory, our defender, our restorer of joy. He remains one who answers of prayer.

THEREFORE - we can rest in peace no matter our circumstances. Believer, this is how we lay hold of God's peace, as Phil. 4:6-9 reminds us of. Thru prayer, thru meditating on the Word, thru truth, and thru prayer. Thru handing our worries and anxieties over to God and leaving them up to God and in God's hands. Living in faith in God and His promises no matter what. Believing no matter what. Hoping no matter what.

I hope that this is us in this. Meditate on Psalm 3 and 4 all day and work out the fact you belong to God thru faith as an adopted child, no matter what we face. These are just as true today for us as they were for David.

When life seems to fall apart, fall into the truth of God and His promises. He is for us, not against us, thru Christ. Nothing can separate us form God. He will carry us thru and be our shield. Hope in this confidently, assuredly. And experience a peace that surpasses all understanding no matter what we face.